Funeral and Bathroom Interludes

By Michael Schilf · April 2, 2010

Weddings are great. Funerals, even better! Talk about a cast of characters.

Imagine: your uncle arrives at his own mother’s funeral with a Grizzly Adams beard, wearing worn out Levi’s and a ripped flannel shirt, while holding a mini igloo cooler full of PBR. It’s one thing to hear about such an entrance; it’s another thing entirely to experience it with all your senses. But then there’s your aunt who’s peddling the latest pyramid scheme, your cousin who just got back from Burma – apparently he’s a Merc – and your dad who decides now is the right time to show off his new disco moves.

Sure, your family is crazy, but they’re also OH, SO INTERESTING. But with so many characters, how do you keep it all together?

Three simple steps: a pen, pad, and the bathroom.

Some of the best character creations were planted as I stood hiding in the stall, frantically scribbling notes on someone I just met. Material is all around us. You just have to be ready, but you also need a Bat Cave. And for me, a bathroom stall is just as good a place as any.