Your Fab Five: Plot Point Moments

By April 9, 2010Script Tips

A screenplay is built through scenes, sequences, acts, using tension, conflict and obstacles, while eliciting hopes and fears, but the most basic template for structuring a script is to build it around the five major plot points of a film:

(1) The Inciting Incident, which is the first premonition of the circumstance that will create the main tension for the protagonist.

(2) The Lock-In, which occurs at end of Act One and locks the protagonist into the predicament, propelling him/her into a new direction and into the main tension of Act Two.

(3) The First Culmination occurs at the Midpoint and is the second highest or lowest point for the protagonist in the story.

(4) The Main Culmination completes the second act, bringing the main tension to a close while propelling the protagonist into a new tension.

(5) The Third Act Twist, which is an unexpected turn of events before the resolution begins.