Sequence 6: Main Culmination

By Michael Schilf · April 21, 2010

So you’re on the last lap of the second act. And now, it’s all or nothing; you must sprint to the finish line. But as you power your way to break the tape of Act Two, there are a few key essentials you must keep in mind.

The sixth sequence centers around yet another obstacle, but this conflict for your main character must be the greatest so far and the script’s climax. The protagonist’s predicament has been building-up to this decisive plot-point moment: the MAIN CULMINATION. It is here where the second act tension is at its highest; the reader’s worst fears are coming true as your hero faces his/her last alternative, and this is the decisive turning point that spins your hero into a new tension in the third act. Remember, this moment is in stark contrast to the resolution. If your protagonist wins in the end, then here must be her lowest point and greatest loss.