Sequence 8: Final Resolution

By Michael Schilf · April 28, 2010

Hell-bent for the end. We’re at the edge, hoping and fearing – if the hero turns left, all is well, but if she turns right, the world as we know it ends. Clarity is key.

It’s not that we don’t have complex emotions or ideas about what it all amounts to – what’s the underlying message or theme – but at this point we crave CLARITY. Will he get the girl, defuse the bomb, kill his evil twin, and escape from the sinking boat surrounded by sharks?

This is the OBLIGATORY SCENE: the final showdown between good and evil, and the moment we’ve been waiting for, where the hero confronts the villain in a final life-and-death struggle. Only then are we at the RESOLUTION. The third act conflict is over, character arc complete, all issues resolved, and we see the new STATUS QUO – or at least what the future holds.