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How To Get An Agent

By Michael Schilf · May 25, 2010

Getting an agent can seem like an impossible task: no one wants to read your script unless you’re represented, yet you can’t get representation if no one reads you. But the truth is somewhere in between. There are tools out there that can help open the door. 

The Hollywood Representation Directory – is a great comprehensive reference book on literary agents and managers nationwide, which includes addresses, contact info and submissions policy. There are also plenty of online resources: helps to sell or option your script, emails your screenplay query to movie producers and agents, and enables you to pitch your script, find an agent, and sell your screenplay.

But remember you only get ONE chance to make an impression, so your script must be perfect in all areas. And once you have done everything possible to make your screenplay the best it can be, networking is the key. Reach out to friends, family, co-workers – everybody! Chances are that someone will know someone who knows somebody that can make your introduction more personal.