Writing IS Thinking

By Michael Schilf · July 28, 2010

Writing IS thinking. And whether you’re creating characters, developing story, or finding ways to connect your audience, it’s impossible to accomplish anything of worth without asking questions.

Character: What’s his relationship with his father? What was it like growing up where he did? What are his political/cultural/religious beliefs? What are his hobbies? How does he dress? Does he have a sense of humor?

Story: What is the protagonist’s objective: want/need? What is the predicament? Why should we care? Who are the allies/enemies? What do they want? What are the obstacles? What are the outcomes: failure, ramifications, solutions, or resolutions?

Audience: How do you connect with the audience? Make them hope/fear? How do you incorporate planting and payoff? Preparation and Aftermath? Mystery and Suspense? How do you allow the audience to add it up? To reach conclusions?

So do the work. Use our Character Questionnaire and Story Questionnaire to get started. Find your answers and expand your box of knowledge.