Story Scenarios

By January 21, 2010Development

Imagine we put a carpenter out in a field with a hammer, some nails, and a bunch of wood. He would most likely build something not half bad. However, what if he had a blueprint to follow? What he builds will be better. Screenplays work with same way. Sure, you can have developed a character and just start writing, but where are you going, what is at stake, what does your character want, what are the obstacles, etc…? You need a plan, a blueprint – an organized story with clear plot pointsAnd sometimes a great story grows out of a standard type of scenario. Obviously, not every story fits neatly into the nine scenarios we feature here; however, this is a great place to start watering the seed of a potential story.


Objective: Explore a feature film scenario and write a brief outline for a cinematic feature film.

Scenarios: Select one of the nine scenario assignments to develop and write a complete story in three act structure. (Limit the outline to 3 PAGES single spaced.)

Remember: Imagine how these kinds of stories happen, or might happen, in the worlds you know and draw upon those people and situations. Fight the urge – if you get it – to work with material out of your realm: prisoners of war, captains of space ships, etc…

Hints: Write the outline in PRESENT TENSE PROSE – not in screenplay format. Though you aren't writing an actual screenplay, remember that you are describing a story that will be filmed – so think in scenes and use the screenwriter's tools. WRITE SO WE CAN SEE, HEAR, AND FEEL IT. 

So check out our SCENARIO ASSIGNMENTS, they might just be the key you are looking for:

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