Derek Ruth

By Derek Ruth · January 31, 2010


A professional screenwriter with twenty years experience in online branding and development, Derek brings his unique fusion of talents to the creation of The Script Lab.

After arriving in Hollywood in the early 90's, armed with his copy of Syd Field's "Screenplay", a head full of ideas, and set on making his mark as a scriptwriter, Derek's day job as a website designer took an unexpected turn. With the explosion of the dot com phenomenon and the increased profile of LA's Silicon Coast, the small operation he founded quickly grew into a multi million dollar corporation.

Largely considered at the forefront of web design, development and branding, Derek went on to create the early websites for a number of high profile companies including Apple Computer, The Grammy's and Cinemax. His highly sought after company also blazed the trail for online movie marketing, creating award winning websites for a number of movie studios and films such as "The Crow" and "Jerry Maguire".

After an over ten year detour from screenwriting, Derek stepped down in 2005 to get back to his first love and hasn't looked back. Applying the same creative tenacity he used to build a highly successful corporation, Derek has since established himself as an innovative storyteller, ghost writer and writing mentor.

A consummate film lover, Derek is a student of the craft in its practical application, finding merit and lessons in all types movies from Miss March to the The White Ribbon.