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Introducing Two New Features

By Derek Ruth · July 26, 2010

We will be introducing two new features this week in our continuing mission to provide a comprehensive resource for screenwriters:
Tuesdays: Sequence Breakdowns – We will dissect both current and classic films into Three Act / Eight Sequence Structure. One of the best ways to learn how to write a screenplay is to read, watch, and deconstruct movies – separating the whole into it's many parts, we see how the pieces fit together. These sequence breakdowns will help translate a movie into a usable structure you can apply in your own writing. 
Thursdays: Dear Randal – In the tradition of "Dear Abby", our very own Randal Stevens will tackle your pressing concerns in his new weekly column. The self professed "King of Procrastination" and creator of the Seven Deadly Consequences of Screenwriting, who better to help you through your own trials and tribulations of screenwriting angst, pathos, and exuberance. To have your voice heard, feel free to email Randal your questions at .
We have loads more features brewing on the horizon, but we'll save those announcements for later. In the mean time, enjoy and keep writing.