Vomit Your Screenplay in 5 Weeks

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About the book

Are you struggling to get your first screenplay draft out? This book offers a helpful, fun guide to writing a screenplay. The Script Lab’s Tom Dever has created this book based on hundreds of hours of lectures, interviews and courses with top industry screenwriters, filmmakers and executives.

Finally! A method that just works.

This is simply a “write-fast-now, rewrite-later method”. This method works for three reasons — 1.) It’s so important to finish your screenplay. Each finished script makes you a better writer, builds your portfolio of writing samples, and helps you learn what you like to and don’t like to write about. 2.) Writing fast forces you to ignore that voice of doubt in your head and makes you kick writer’s block in the teeth. 3.) When you’re a professional writer you’re expected to write fast (a TV script in just 1 week or a feature script rewrite for shooting tomorrow morning).

Happy writing!

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