Top 10 Most Controversial Films

Controversial films. What a lovely first feature for a young reserved British writer to take on. I lapped up the opportunity with gusto, the ideas for the list already forming in my head. Da Vinci Code will certainly be in there, I thought. And followed by 2012 of course; the scientific flaws in that film are hugely controversial.

Needless to say, after a day or two of research, my eyes were opened. Part of me wishes they had stayed shut.

Being honest, I like a bit of controversy surrounding a film. I know when I go to see it there will be no skirting around subjects or trying to placate me as a viewer. I know I'm going to be hit hard with the message the director wants to get across, and I appreciate the courage and the tenacity required to do that in the knowledge bad press may be received.

And it has to be said that film and controversy go hand in hand. Film has the power to cook up a storm like no other medium, and over the years there have been many films that have hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

However, there are controversial films, and then there are CONTROVERSIAL films. These are the films that cross lines and keep walking until that line is a speck in the distance. These are the films that have (allegedly) incited court cases, studio collapses, fainting, vomiting, miscarriages and murders. They are not for the faint hearted, weak stomached, or apparently the pregnant. Why are they made? To shock? To make a self-serving statement about society? Because artistic freedom dictates they can? Or a combination of all these things? Either way, these films have cooked up a storm in their time and still do today. Some have even shaped the future of film. And given the US movie rating system (and the BBFC in the UK), a right old headache in the meantime.

This is my list of the ten most controversial films in history. I am aware that some popular entries are not included, but my aim is to provide the most diverse list, so even if they are not entries, there many be mentions of other common contenders within here. I should also point out that this list is not for the faint hearted. And just to be safe, avoid if you are pregnant. Or read it with your eyes half closed. That may work.