2021 TSL Free Screenplay Contest Semifinalists

By September 15, 2021Contests

Listed below are the Semifinalists of the 2021 TSL Free Screenplay Contest. These exceptional screenplays were selected from almost 12,700 submissions. Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far and thanks to all for submitting!

Stay tuned for the Finalist announcement on October 4th here and on our Twitter and Facebook pages within the next few weeks! And if you’d like to receive a notification when this contest re-opens for entries, you can subscribe for updates via Coverfly here.

Here are the Semifinalists:

(Dis)Honorable Gino Demarco
#Karen Nicole Jones
2 Falls Forward, 1 Step Back Ada Lee Halofsky
3 Month Slide Mike Hurst
50 Mary Cross
A Christmas Cheer Clint Ford
A Family Reunion Xavier Burgin, Thomas Wright
A Handsome Sense of Pride Ariana Quiñónez
A Lost Time Alicia McClendon
A Mother’s Love Nathan Olson
A Prospect of Death Ash Corristine
ABCD Laurie Lamson
Across The Hudson Alia Ashkenazi
Agnostic Kyra Brown
Alien of Extraordinary Ability Rishan Dhamija, Edwin Joseph, Sola Fadiran
All In Your Head Mehmet Sarigul
All My Friends Are Going Death Alessandro Pulisci
Altagracia Isabella Breton
American Psyche Richard Nguyen
American Retail Gabriel Malasig
Arkham MA: Pilot – The Statement of Randolph Carter Charlotte Groombridge
Asians Can’t Play Jazz Carlos Gutierrez, Michael Goldenberg
At The Displeasure Of The President Brian Cohen
Back Fires Alex Blumberg
Bad News Jon Oliver
Bad Pennies Benjamin Mair
Bad Romance Chad Wellinger
Barberton Daisy Tiaan van Niekerk
Becoming Sinatra Richard Muti
Being Women Adrian Urbina
Bestowal Wayne Middleton
Better Judgement Mark Marino
Between the Lines Priscilla Nguyen
BIG SISTER David Chester, Blake Pinter
Blood and Dreams – “Complicit” Suzanne Griffin
Blood and the Rye Rajiv Shah
Blue Comedy Vincent Accettola
Bo! Isis Dunthorne
BollyWine Tim Jones
Bootneck & Para Jeffrey Golden
Bounty Gary M. Howell
Bucky Johnson James Barnes, Garrett Vanderwielen
Burner Mukilan Thangamani
California Adam Seidel
Call Out Neer Shelter
Callbacks Bryce Marrero
Candles and Moths Dan Beglov
Canusa Street Zack Morrison
Cardef Hill Scott Parisien
Cascadia Tim Millette
Catman Nola C
Chanel Bonfire Cara Winter
Chasing Susanna Jennifer Giacalone
Cheat the Night Conleth Hogan
Cherry Wine Kev Clinsc, E.V. Wills
Child Giovanni Labadessa
Chilmark Stephen Nolly
Citizen Hans Rajko Stiglic
Coach Kid Conor Izzett, Adam Levy
Collaboration Alessio Franko
Commonwealth Jared Hardy
Comrade Freud Mick Cohen-Carroll
Cop Killer Greg Goodness
Cracksmen Daniel Corey
Crazy John and His Ghosts Marylouisa Nwafor
Cricket Song Evelyne Werzowa
Cupid Michael Orlando
De Er Fri Hannah Marsh
Dear Eszter Alex Balassa, Marisol Mijares, Alejandro Orozco, Mario Székely
Demon Code Patrick Kelly
Dicks Cristi Rumpza
Dirty Bird Arland DiGirolamo, Alana Wexler
Disordered. Alice Wallis
Disposable Josh Evans
Down By The River Thomas Thonson
Dún Laoghaire William Lancaster
Echo The Wind Thomas Mazzola
Ed Gein, But Make it Fashion Dustin Boland
Esperanza – One Hour Pilot David Christopher Loya
Eve & Adam Jessica Wynn, Michael Regilio
Everything Has Changed Sufian Abulohom
Eyes to Your Soul Jon Karamatsu
Ǝ Ꙅ Я Ǝ V Ǝ Я Carlo Carere, Erin Carere
F-YOU! I’M A TEACHER Michael Lipoma
Fallstreak Kyle Curry
Fetch Sam Gill
Fire On Holy Mountain Daniel Grove
Fire on the Line Max Kaplow
First Day Boris Vymenets
First Drop of Rain James Brosnahan
Firsthand Memories Jules Caldeira
Flesh and Blood Kulvinder Gill
Flesh and Blood James Murphy
Forgive Us Our Sins Omar Khalifa
Found Chad Briggs
Future King Dawn Prato
Garamba Aaron C. Wong
Gay Robber Rhys Bellamy
Genre Genesis Pilot Aidan Kidd
Gifted Jonny King
Gloomtown Lyndal Simpson
Golden Age Jon Davis
Good Guys, Inc. Troy Collins
Gordito Miguel Castillo
Gramma and Kate Emily Austin
Greenwood Nathan Patton
Grief Leech Shayna Hack
Guardian Jess Gupta
Gwen’s Girl Karina Banno
Hancock Park Dale Janda
Hard Rice Mary Nguyen
Haunted Heart Mike Bencivenga
Have You Heard About Harvey? Sam Wright
Hexagon Grant Boman Harvey
HILA Jan Pearson
Holy Man Michael John Petty
Hood Irina Rodriguez
Hot Toddy Scott Cox
Hotshot Ella Scott
House for Sale – Up On The Market Shannon Dicipulo
Hyde and Seek the Musical and feature film June Rachelson-Ospa, Jon Ospa
I Could Do That Rachael Millanta
I Killed Elvis Wolf Bukowski
I Would Like To Thank Benedict Ransley
I, Gavel’s Poetry Youssef Kholti
I’m a Prisoner in an Alien Zoo Adam Kaiser
Interior: Supermarket T.E. Scales
Into the Lion’s Den Jane Gideon
Invading Forces Jack Mulligan
Invisible Prisons Hoyt Richards, Lawrence Nelson II
Jaegerfell Andy Smith
Jail Break Jordan Taylor
Jersey David Schlow
Jiyan Daniela Saioni, Mazdak Taebi
Kāinga (Home) Allan George
King of Appalachia Chase Brown
King Street Justin Kohlas
Kyla’s War – Series Pilot – “Snow Angels” Hank Isaac
Ladies and Gentlemen, a Restoration Comedy Linda Jenkins
Ladylike Miranda Rawson
Last of the Burly Girls John Pisano-Thomsen
Leatherette Michael KY Yip
Lefty Robert Potter
Legendary Outlaws Allan Traylor
Letting Go Estes Tarver
Lion City Radio Show Val Tan
Living the Dream Vicky Hinault
Lock ‘N Load Aaron Liebman
Lost In Transit Mike Spohr
Love and Other Beautiful Messes Stacie Shellner
Lucy Lucid: Heiress of Dreams Joshua Pitta
Mabel Elisa Manzini
Machorras Jessica Ghitis
Mademoiselle Maupin Brandon Gale
Maestra Susan Polk
Make a Wish Jory S
Making Friends with the Pinewoods Monster Julian Lung
Mama Moo Nimish Tanna
Marina Andrew Nixon
Martha Alex Moran
Mask Margaret Kane-Rowe
Match Made in Heaven Ariane Anantaputri
Medieval Joey Paschall
Melly and Melanie Kaushik Mukerjee
Migrant Mothers Ashley Rebecca Farley
Miss Demeanor Ruby Mainieri
Mission Trip Katie Congrove, Joey DeMers
Momo Matthew Cameron
Moving On Ricky King
My Cousin Numbers Christos Kardana
Necropolis Caledonia Hanson
New York Movie Ian Nicksic
Night Beat Sean Arenas
No Outlet Sophia Eptamenitis
Nocturnal Madison Rose
Offspring Hannah Silverman
Olivia’s War Avishai Weinberger
Only at Night Daina Njuguna
Opera Valley Nathaniel Nauert
Oprexium Cody Pearce
Otter Town Jule Jessenberger
Otooman Cindy Matta
Pages From the Green Book Janae Green, Aileen Natalia
Panic Rachel Mariam
Paratha Tansu Philip
Parlay Mike Santoro
Paternal Problems Whitney Glover
Patria David Aguilar
Perchance to Dream David B Jacobs
Perfect Flower Brent Delaney
Photoman Lynn Lee
Play It All Night Long Quinn Bailey
Please Pity Ryan Parker Jade Small
Poor Man’s Son Jennifer Giacalone
Powder Ria Fend
Powers & Glory P James Norris
Predator Stephanie Moore
Quantum Brian Meade
Queer Kafir Danial Gondal
Quinn Girl Tandy Versyp
Raised by Foxes Martina Muhoberac
Really Rapunzel Maria Agusta Faust
Reclaimed Straton Rushing
Red Dust Richard Pengelley
Red Hook Records Jared Hada Smith
Remember Me Lagueria Davis
Revelations (Feature) Johnny Gilligan
Revenant Mezi Mulugeta
Ridgefield Schyler Martin
Righteous Kathy Patterson
Road to Bernal Guillermo Lozano Martínez
Room 099 Sarah Mokh
Rose & Thorns Stephanie Glover
Roses in the Water La’Chris Jordan
Rubbernecker Tom Hancock, Varun Raman
Runner Up Samantha Bissonnette
Sandstone Rebecca Cromar
Scare Me To Death Joe Borriello
Sea Change Steven Miller
session_five.map Alexander Dilley
Shadow of Deceit Marlyn Bandiero
Shelter County Micah Taylor
Simon Christ Selena Lohan
Skyjacker Peter Donaruma
Sleeping With Bears Bruce Sloman
Slush T.J. Peters, KayDee Kersten
Soma Ian Hand
Something In Common Kylie Bolter
Something You Don’t See Everyday Benjamin Johnson
Song of the Shadows Les Zig
Spare Parts Lukas Kendall
Spirit Guide Matthew Gutierrez
Spirit In The Dark Daniel Lopez Kaufman
Starfish Daniel Ahn
Starring… John Dillinger Bill Walker
Station Number Six Tim Sasaki
Steel Cutter Claire Tran
Still Douglas Spaltro
Tarantino Kyle Ryan
Tell-Tale Peter Sreckovic
The Alice Solution Emily Redinbo
The Alpha Dirk Patton
The Beast of America Julia Jones
The Big Eighties Betty Ouyang
The Bitterroot Chronicles Debbie Castanha
The Boy Who Died Twice Guy Collins
The Carrington Affair Devon Lehr
The Deadleys David Finley
The Devil’s Mistress Andy Volk
The Divinity Cycle Nelson Downend
The Dreamer Alejandro Leopardi, Sean McKenzie
The Fear Lane Bachelder
The Fight Inside Merridith Allen
The Film Professor Who Kills Hot Students for Fame and Healthcare Greg Benevent
The Future Prime Glenn Forbes
The Future We Were Given Craig Siebels
The Gospel According to Charlie Kamal John Iskander
The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived Michael Goldenberg, Carlos Gutierrez
The Gyre Mission Brian Martin
The Hitchhiker Dan Ast
The Iron Horse of Lucy Steele Paul Zeidman
The Iron Snake Justus Macharia
The Last Farm David Wappel
The Last Game Phil Kaufman
The Lion’s Roar Teju Prasad
The Midnight Tour Chris Bolton
The Monitor Erik Sternberger
THE Motherland Underground Christopher Harmon
The News Wars Julie Gervais Welke
The Night Anonymous Hamish Sturgeon
The One That Got Away Jarrod Roberts
The Otherkin Louyse Leonard, Robert Higden
The Real McCoy Tyler Ham Pong
The Rebound Christian Wolf, Chase Badgett
The Recovery Agents – TV PILOT Marco Santiago
The Red White & Brutes! Alex M Langenfeld
THE Ruin of Eden Jessica Romagnoli, Patrick Ireland
The Soft-Boiled Detective Katherine Shea
The Summer Of Impossible Things Enrique Posner
The Swing Note Brian Hershkowitz, Robert D’Orazio
The Taste and The Smell Tope Ogundare
The Tea Vendor Clement Obropta
The Unseen Shiva Ramanathan
The Unseen Ariel Relaford
The Witching William Keaton
Therapeutic Craig Berger
Thick Skin Robert Axelrod
Time Janitors Ryan Manns, Jocelyn Manns
Time Tourists Josh Miller
To the Moon & Back Paul Howard Hunt
Treading Lava Paul Frank
Trokita Bernardo Duran
Trunk of an Elephant Stephanie Bianca
Tumbleweeds Tiffany Alzatti
Typhoid Gary Julio DeSanctis
U[Dys]topia Kyle Vieira
Until It Sleeps Meg Turner
Vanilla John Darbonne
Veritas Academy Nanar Khamo
Vienna Calling Renate Grassmugg
Virgins Sophie Hessekiel
Weekend at Bernie’s III Craig Miller, Pete Johnson
Welcome to the Machine Angel Contreras
Were Carter Friend
What If You Knew? Rolf Pfannerer
Wild Horses Brian Kowalchuk
YOLO Megan Bacharach
Zapruder Joshua Thomas

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