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Sons of Liberty: Scripted Television Makes a Comeback

By Cameron Cubbison · January 25, 2015

The three-part series titled Sons of Liberty will be airing today, tomorrow and the next day. The series will feature the boys of America (Franklin, Adams and Adams, Revere, Hancock, etc.). But one thing we noticed is that statement of "scripted television series" in each commercial. Unfortunately, there is a point to this being said with such punctuation.


Reality television has become so prevalent today that it is now a nice marketing perk to add into the mix. "Scripted television is making a comeback!" Why did it ever leave? The majority of reality television is pure nonsense that's viewership is saddening. We have high hopes with Sons of Liberty because yes, it might help lead the charge back to good scripted television – just like Breaking Bad, Mad Men and The Walking Dead did. 

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