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Sam Raimi is Bringing The Evil Dead to Television

By Cameron Cubbison · November 11, 2014

Ash is back, and he is ready to face his demons (yep, said it) so he can save the world. On any regular day, that would sound like a “by the numbers” zombie show, but this time it’s actually not. Sam Raimi, with preferred producing partner Rob Tapert, will be bringing The Evil Dead back to life for Starz. And, of course, Bruce Campbell will revive his role as Ash. The series will pick up where the last film left off, but hopefully it won’t be so aimed at kids this go-round. I dobut it. Army of Darkness was “meh” at best, but the first two entries were perfect in their own right.

The series will air sometime next year and will be delivered in a 10-episode, 30-minute each format. We’d rather have an hour each viewing, but hey, we’re just happy that this is happening, period.

Bring on the “Boomstick” baby.

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