By Michael Schilf · July 4, 2012

Production Launches Crowd Funding Campaign on Kickstarter to Finance Shoot in Latvia and other Eastern European Locations

Los Angeles, CA (July 3, 2012) – Hybrid Vigor Films, LLC announced today that Brandon Fowler, the director of the upcoming Latvian horror/drama HYBRID VIGOR, has just placed his project on the innovative crowd funding platform Kickstarter with the goal of raising additional funds from a wide Twitter fanbase. The film stars an emerging Latvian cast that includes Velta Buka in her feature film debut and also co-stars Jevgenija Mirosnicenko and Aleksandr Ivanov. All three actors are native to Latvia and no other parts have been officially cast. Fowler (Executive Producer of “Loren Cass”), who wrote the script, is also serving as the film’s producer.

The film, which began principal photography in March, has already shot large portions on Lake Peipus in Estonia, and also in several locations in Latvia. The film is scheduled to complete shooting later this year once all the funds have been raised. Specific release dates and markets will be announced shortly thereafter.

HYBRID VIGOR is a feature film about life, death, violence, morality, immortality, love, and loss in the USSR during Soviet times, and in present day Latvia. It opens on frozen Lake Baikal in Siberia during the Soviet era, but most of the film takes place in present day Latvia. More details about the plot will be revealed in the coming months.

Kickstarter is the largest crowd funding platform in the world that focuses on creative projects, and is a great way for artists, filmmakers, musicians, designers, writers and performers to bring their projects, events, and dreams to fruition.

HYBRID VIGOR offers unique perks to its members who sign up to pledge money to the production. Donors will have their photo added to the film’s photomosaic movie poster as well as have their names listed in the end credits. With over 250,000 followers on Twitter, the production anticipates to raise a majority of the funding directly from their followers.

“We are at the beginning of what will be an independent filmmaking renaissance period. Crowfunding/crowdinvesting coupled with open access social media sites and affordable, professional quality cameras are going to empower a whole new generation of indie filmmakers,” said Fowler.     

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