Why Benedict Cumberbatch is a Perfect Doctor Strange

By Cameron Cubbison · October 28, 2014

Out of all of the Marvel characters, Doctor Stephen Vincent Strange is one that has been the most anticipated (at least for now). Find below a great 101 on Doctor Strange (via IGN) that gives good, concise information on his origins, but more importantly, what he represents. 


Cumberbatch will succeed in the obvious look and aesthetic of Strange, but he will also capitalize on the reformed nature of him as well. Doctor Strange is a character that's roots stem from growth and development. His travels, changes and return are the foundation of what makes him such a strong presence in the Marvel universe. Cumberbatch has the acting chops to exemplify all of these traits.

Expect to see the Strange stand alone film sometime in 2016, as he will also be incorporated into the Avengers films moving forward. 

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Photo: Marvel