Avengers 2: Captain America and Iron Man Begin Civil War

By Cameron Cubbison · October 30, 2014

A storm is coming…and no, it's not Bane stupidly "taken prisoner" on a plane with his compass set on Gotham. The Marvel universe will soon be turned upside down from what we are used to seeing. Since the beginning of the mega-film franchise, we have seen each individual character develop and combine forces with each other for the better, until now. Marvel's future for now is about internal conflict, reasoning and questioning. We have characters like Tony Stark and Steve Rogers developing different reasons for why they do the things they do. This will cause a natural downfall between our beloved Avengers and with egos like that the only way it can be solved is through some destruction. 

Ironically, Marvel's future is a bright one, as it will spotlight the darkness that dwells within the community and friendships of our heroes. 

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