Movie Clip Analysis: The Matrix

By Cameron Cubbison · November 11, 2014


The Situation 

Neo has been brought to Morpheus to finally meet him and make an unexpected decision that will change his life forever.

The Characters 

Morpheus and Neo.

The Reasoning

Fans of this film tend to mix this part of the story up with the Inciting Incident, which is a completely understandable mistake. Neo’s refusal in the interrogation room is the real Inciting Incident. You can find the entire breakdown here. This scene is the Lock-in – Neo is making the conscious decision to not return to his normal life. His life has already been altered, but this is him solidifying that he never returns to the norm again.

The Notes

– The [at the time] unique costume design.

– The cinematography, specifically as Neo reaches for the pill.

– The dialogue is exposition on steroids, but it plays to Morpheus’ character perfectly. Remember, he is our Virgil.

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