10 Great Seduction Scenes

By June 21, 2011Top 10 Lists

Ah, the seduction scenes. Fun times… but before your mind gets too much into that gutter, let me remind you that the seduction scene is not always that kind of fun.

While sex is no doubt one of the most powerful and motivating factors in film and in life, a seduction scene simply centers around one character attempting to convince another character to do something he or she does not want to do.

But, don’t worry. Many seduction scenes do in fact center around love and sex (see? I don’t take the fun out of everything), but it’s not just because people find it fun to watch. Seduction scenes must use a character’s wants and passions. That passion could be love, money, fame, or even revenge. Whatever it is, it must be enough to motivate a character to change his or her mind. The resolution of a seduction scene can be different. The seducer can either succeed or fail. Regardless, the seducer must make a great effort to turn the other character.

Below are 10 Great Seduction Scenes. These seduction scenes span different genres, different types of characters, and have different focal points. As you will see, the seduction scene is a powerful tool in the arsenal of screenwriting. It can offer a glimpse into your character’s human psyche or even show your character’s moral boundaries. But effective seduction scenes should always illustrate just how far your character is willing to go to get the thing he or she desires the most.