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Top 10 Uses of Science in Film

By July 7, 2011No Comments

There are a lot of films that like to think they’re scientific, but you’d in fact learn more about science from the back of a Mars Bar. In today’s cinema, scientific inaccuracies are standard. As long it features the Statue of Liberty up to her torch in snow or lava and the world is ending, it’ll get made.

You hear quite a lot about how terrible 2012 is or how The Core is so rubbish that there is a drinking game for every scientific inaccuracy. My favourite has got to be Pi…because they get Pi wrong. Brilliant. I’ll admit, Sci-Fi is not my genre. I know virtually nothing about it. I haven’t even seen Star Wars. (I know, should be lashed with a thousand paper cuts). But this isn’t a list about the best Sci-Fi films. It’s not necessarily about Sci-Fi at all.

Instead, this is an article about science. And more specifically, the BEST USE of science in film, featuring the Top 10 movies that use science accurately. You’ll have to forgive me if I missed out some good ‘uns, but I did come across something very telling in my research: accurate science + future setting = DYSTOPIA virtually every time. Well, it’s a good thing I’ll be dead by the time they start cloning people then.

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