Top 10 Crime Films

By January 23, 2012Top 10 Lists

The crime film genre is definitely one of my favourites. Perhaps this is because there are so many different approaches to it. The lives of the criminals that we follow can either be glamorous or right down in the gutter, or bouncing in between. It can span decades of a crime family’s legacy or the single day of a bungled bank robbery. I also enjoy crime films because they are no doubt influenced by real-life happenings, and this is a world that very few get an actual glimpse into; we only hear about it on the news.

These 10 crime films that I have chosen are the 10 that I feel best represent the genre. They don’t just give you a violent and superficial look into a secret world; they absorb you into it. You learn lengthy “fictional” family histories and about how they operate. These are films that also go one step further to even question the audience’s own ideas of what is right and wrong and heavily deals with themes such as family, brotherhood and loyalty. You may notice some repeat offenders in this list, but I only speak the truth!

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