Top 10 Romance Films

By January 26, 2012Top 10 Lists

Love. It's a pursuit that inspires joy and jealousy, happiness and hatred. It is perhaps the most powerful emotion in the world. And while most people spend their lives trying to sustain a loving relationship, it's no wonder that this notion of romance seeps into almost every movie. 

Whether it is a sub-plot story, a third-act-twist, or a major plot point, love is an unavoidable (and usually enriching) element in films. Romance films do more than just simply add a love anecdote. These films delve into the depths of romantic relationships. While romance movies have the reputation of being "sugar-coated" to appeal to the female persuasion, great romance films show the whole story… not only the good, but the bad, the heartache, and the complexities.

Romantic films have been alive and well for decades. With such a rich history, there is no need to write off this passionate film genre. Whether it's The Notebook, Harold and Maude, or Amelie… be sure that there are a wide variety of romantic films just waiting to find their audience soul mate (that's you).

Below are the Top 10 Romance Films. Traditionally, romance films are of a heavier tone. However, many of the best films in this genre fall into romance sub-genres (romantic comedy or musicals). Whatever the case, these are some of the most charming and treasured films to ever grace the screen. 

So, whether you are taken, single, or "it's complicated", grab some tissues. It's about to go allBridges of Madison County in here.

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