Top 10 Movie Death Scenes

By February 28, 2012Top 10 Lists

As Yoda once said, "Death is a natural part of life." The words of the wise Jedi Master are true. And not only is it natural, but death is inevitable. Since it is a critical and often emotional part of one’s life journey, death plays a huge role in many films. 

Automatically, the term "death scene" conjures up images of blood and gore. While many great death scenes do entail gruesome massacres (think Night of the Living Dead or Pulp Fiction), some of these scenes achieve iconic status without the blood and guts.  Many great death scenes play off the dying character's life and personality – fully completing their character arc through death. Other times, the film's world makes the death have a particularly large impact on audiences (like Sonny's death in the Godfather).

Still, some death scenes give a film and the audience closure (as with the Nazis in Raiders of the Lost Ark), while others take place on such a grand scale that they sear a place the hearts of audiences everywhere [think Saving Private Ryan or King Kong (1933)]. 

Whatever form they come in, the best death scenes are memorable. Below are the Top 10 Best Death Scenes in film. While everyone has their personal favorites, the death scenes on this list have transcended the actual movies themselves and earned a place in movie history all on their own. 

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