Top 10 Best Movie Battle Speeches

By Tom Piccolo · September 26, 2013

Remember the last time you watched a movie and wished you could attack the enemy right then and there!  Even if it were almost certain you’d go down in flames, you were psyched for the contest.  A great movie battle speech touches the audience with its passion, putting the viewer in the center of the conflict.  It can be a rallying cry for victory; the motivational force that propels a warrior to act with bravery, and disregard the paralyzing effects of fear. It can be the recognition of almost certain defeat in the short term, realizing the enemy must be engaged, and victory focused on loftier future goals.

Historically, movies have played an important role in rallying the American spirit in wartime. Battle speeches have been used not only to inspire patriotism, but also to highlight the ideals, issues, and conflicts of the time.

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Alas, I know I have left out many great speeches and movies in my list, so I invite you to add your personal favorites to the list in the comments section.