Top 10 Best Movie Battle Speeches

By September 26, 2013August 6th, 2019Top 10 Lists

9. The Dirty Dozen (1967)

After Major Reisman’s team of 12 convicted murders prove themselves trained and ready by winning a combat game using unconventional tactics, Reisman, played by Lee Marvin, preps them for their real mission, the mass assassination of Nazi officers in a fortified chalet.


We still have one operation to go. If you guys foul up on this one none of us will ever play the violin again. Cause up until now it’s all been a game. But as of tomorrow night it’s going to be the real thing. And if you want to know how real, I’ll tell you. It’s my guess that a lot of you guys won’t be coming back. But there’s no sense in squawking about that, right? Cause the army never did love you anyway. And besides you all volunteered, right? That’s more than I did.

Reisman drills his troops, having them recite a 16-point rhyming plan to attack the Nazi stronghold.

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