The Top 10 Best Movie Explosions

By March 10, 2015January 1st, 2018Top 10 Lists

The best movie explosions make you feel like you can smell the smoke and feel the heated debris falling down around you as you sit there wrapped in the IMAX experience. The fiery bursts of gasoline/air tank/laser fueled goodness rip across the screen as you hold your breath, palms sweating, heart racing until the final boom and you scream, “Yeah, baby!” in the theater.

OK, maybe that last part is just me, but you get the point. A good explosion makes you feel something. If the ball of fire means the good guys win, you cheer with the hero as glass shards rain down from the sky. If that leveled building means the bad guys are winning in an Act III twist, it makes your blood boil with anger as swear words curse the antagonist.

But whether the fiery blast is good or evil, a solid explosion is always worthy of repeat performances. And they always boil down to a few basics: It has to be big, it has to be memorable, and most of all, it has to be a gratuitously good ride of kabooms, flames and shattered structures, just like these bad-ass screen burners.

Steph Greegor is a prize-winning screenwriter and award-winning journalist with 15 years of professional writing experience. She’s currently a professional freelancer with several feature length screenplays under her belt. She serves as an advisory board member for the Gateway Film Center, one of the nation’s top independent film houses located in Columbus, Ohio. Tweet her HERE in your spare time. She likes that. 

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