The Top 10 Films About Hollywood

By March 17, 2015January 1st, 2018Top 10 Lists

No other art-form does “self-referential” as well as cinema. That is because for all the appeal of the “auteur” theory (the idea that films are essentially made through the vision of one individual) cinema is essentially a collaborative process, and it is certainly more collaborative than most art-forms. Consequently, while it might not be very exciting to see a film about someone writing, painting or composing (i.e. working on their own in a room), it is fascinating to see a group (or, on occasion, a whole army) of people working together and inevitably falling out, falling in love and falling in and out of bed together.

Similarly, while there are several fine films about the delights of indie film-making (notably Tom DiCillo’s hilarious Living in Oblivion) or foreign language filmmaking (notably Francois Truffaut’s marvellous Day For Night), most of the great films about filmmaking are about cinema’s capital city, Hollywood (and Los Angeles in general). Even now, in the 21st century, Hollywood remains the most lucrative and productive film industry in the world, attracting film-makers from all over the world, and consequently it is a natural setting for stories about the “seventh art-form.”

Here are the Top 10 Films about Hollywood.


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