The Top 10 Films About Music and Musicians

By May 5, 2015December 27th, 2017Top 10 Lists

If anything, Shakespeare underestimated the power of music. He thought it was “the food of love,” when in fact it is the food of life; not so much an art-form as a life-form that helps to sustain all other aspects of human existence. And that includes cinema.

It is almost impossible to imagine cinema without music, its literal and metaphorical soundtrack. Even in the earliest days of silent movies, there was always a musical accompaniment (often by a live band or orchestra) to the action on screen, amplifying, enhancing and scoring the key plot developments (and even the incidental ones).  In turn, cinema has done much to demonstrate the power of music, showing how, in many ways, human beings are essentially music-making animals.

These 10 films about music and musicians, which range from documentaries to features and from country to classical, are all proof of the power of music and the unique hold it exerts upon our life and our imagination.

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