Top 12 Jungle Stories

A Whole Lotta Jungle Love

Much like the naked city, the ocean, and the frontier, the jungle is a setting where storytellers love to return. As The Jungle Book reigns at the box office—and The Legend of Tarzan swings into theaters in June—we can’t help but think of the spell the jungle holds on writers and filmmakers. It entrances the imagination much like the dulcet voice of the python Kaa (Scarlett Johansson), coiling its way through rollicking adventure, drama, family comedy, romance, and even sci-fi. Part of its appeal is its wild, untamed quality. “Before he can become a warrior, a man has to leave everything behind and go into the jungle, guided only by his dreams,” says a character in the 2016 Oscar-nominated historical adventure Embrace of the Serpent. “In that journey, he has to discover, completely alone, who he really is. Some get lost and never come back. Those who do will be ready to face all that will come.” Here’s a look at a dozen jungle stories that clicked through various genres.


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