The Top 10 Biggest Oscar Snubs of the Past 40 Years

2. Coppola's first screw
Yes, these 2 snubs are back to back.  1972 – the year of The Godfather.  Marlon Brando took home the Best Actor prize (he actually didn't, but at least the Academy tried to give it to him), it won Best Pic, and Best Adapted Screenplay.  Yeah, those are 3 big prizes.  Bob Fosse ended up taking home the Best DIrector Oscar for Cabaret.  I guess I could get into super nitty gritty complaints  about why Fosse shouldn't have won, but I won't.  I'll just say that Coppola redefined a genre completely, whereas Fosse just made another musical.  Redefined a genre.  Made another musical.  Which seems like the more deserving winner?  Think about it for a sec.  If you're thinking about how amazing horses' heads are in bedsheets, then I think you're on my side…

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