The Top 10 Biggest Oscar Snubs of the Past 40 Years

7. Ralph Fiennes got scorched for being absolutely terrifying
Schindler's List was THE movie in 1993.  I mean… it's incredible.  It took home some of the top Oscar prizes, so there's no real need to complain… except for the one award (other than Picture) that it absolutely should have won.  Ralph Fiennes' portrayal of the psychotic Nazi Amon Goeth established the now cliched role of the psychotic Nazi.  SImply put, there'd be no Basterd-ly Hans Landa without him.  But for whatever reason the Academy decided to spread the wealth a little and give Tommy Lee Jones the statuette for Supporting Actor as Sam Gerard in The Fugitive.  Okay, The Fugitive is a fabulous film – I personally think it would have won the top prize if it weren't for the almighty List. But… Jones' performance is pretty minor in comparison to Fiennes'.  And where the hell was the Actor nomination for Harrison Ford?  Screwy times in Academy-land.

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