The Top 10 Biggest Oscar Snubs of the Past 40 Years

6. Taxi Driver & Network knocked out by Rocky
1976 was the 1994 of the 70s.  Rocky, Taxi Driver, and Network were all in the running for the Best Pic category.  Yes, all these films are great, but it's another case of the Academy going with the more popular Pic.  Rocky is definitely an underdog story in every way, but it's the most accessible film of the 3 big contenders.  Taxi and Network were prolific and groundbreaking.  Taxi delved into dark, personal demon territory that had never been depicted on film before, and Network predicted reality television (seriously)!  But meat-slapping and jumbled Philadelphia vernacular proved more potent than these tales of eccentricity.  At least the Academy now honors the underdog when it's actually an underdog now to make up for crap like this (ahem, Hurt Locker).

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