The Top 13 MASTERS OF HORROR: Writer/Directors

By Preston Garrett · July 29, 2010

2. John Carpenter

He invented Halloween, one of the most profitable movies/franchises of all time (not highest grossing, profitable), which could stand alone – nothing else needs to be said.  But Carpenter's gone even further, developing the Escape series (…from New York and LA respectively), rebooted The Thing (seriously, one of the best horror movies of all time), and has a slew of other somewhat schlocky (but still awesome) films under his belt.  With Halloween, he essentially created the mass market, low budget horror movie.  Yeah, Romero did this with NOTLD, but Carpenter innovated the franchise potential for horror.  Without him, there'd be no sequels to Texas, none for Hellraiser, none for Scream or Friday the 13th… it really and truly was his work that made the plagues of horror franchises what they are today.  And no, that's not a bad thing – good and bad horror films are incredibly entertaining, especially when there's a discernable, totally rudimentary formula to them.  Carpenter's work stands alone, as well as his original scores.  Perhaps Mr. Eastwood took cues from Carpenter?  Wethinks yes.