Top 10 Christmas Movie Characters

By December 17, 2010Top 10 Lists

Being that my name is a source of Christmas puns for the entire month of December, I feel that I have some sense of authority over all Christmas movies. Speaking of authority… I would like to take this moment to publicly declared that, even though John McClane is not on this list, Die Hard and Die Harder are indeed Christmas movies. Give up the fight, ladies.

Anyway, as a child my Mother told me that because my name is Noelle, I could wear Christmas sweaters any time of the year. In retrospect, I see that this was simply a tool she used make me wear an embarrassing reindeer sweatshirt… but at the time I took that tidbit to heart.

Yes. I am one of those people that listens to Christmas music in July. I watch holiday movies whenever I want to, and I start decorating for Christmas after Halloween. Hate me if you want to, but I look at it as compensation for all the "First Noel" jokes I hear.

But for most people, the end of Thanksgiving marks the time when they can finally break out their favorite Christmas movies. More so than regular movies, Christmas movies tend to be associated with tradition. Because of this, Christmas characters are some of the most revered and celebrated film Characters of all time. This list puts together the Top 10 Christmas Characters in film.

Not only will this list provide an insight into character development, but it may provide some film alternatives in case you are in the inevitable Die Hard-Christmas-argument. Enjoy and Merry Christmas!