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5 Plot Point Breakdown: Fever Pitch (2005)

By Andrea Pilar Nevil · August 25, 2011

Screenplay Genre: Comedy / Drama / Romance

Movie Time: 103 minutes


Ben (Jimmy Fallon) meets Lindsay (Drew Barrymore), asks her out, and she accepts despite her concerns that he’s “just a schoolteacher.” (00:10:03)

2. LOCK IN (End of Act One)

Ben tells Linsday about his red sox addiction, and she takes it well, though we soon discover this is much more than simple fandom. (00:29:14)


After Lindsay and Ben have a wonderful time together the Red Sox Opening game, Ben sees a future both with Lindsay as well as the opportunity to share the love of the sport with her. Soon after, their relationship clearly has become more serious when Ben and Lindsay have dinner with her parents. (00:46:53)

4. MAIN CULMINATION (End of Act Two)

After a devastating loss to the Yankees, Ben and his friends commiserate at a bar and see members of the Red Sox dining and enjoying their evening. Ben realizes that the Red Sox will never love him back and decides to sort out his priorities and sell his tickets in order to win Lindsay back. (01:20:28)


Ben plans to sell his tickets in order to get his life in order and win Lindsay back. Lindsay finds out and runs across the Fenway park field to stop Ben from doing so and they kiss. (01:32:05)

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