Screenplay Genre: Adventure / Drama / Western

Movie Time: 165 mins


1. Inciting Incident

Dr. Schultz, a bounty hunter, recruits Django in order to find the Brittle Brothers:

Django: I know what they look like, all right.

Dr. Schultz: Good. So, here’s my agreement. You travel with me until we find them –

Django: Where we goin’?

Dr. Schultz: I hear at least two of them are overseeing up in Gatlinburg, but I don’t know where. That means we visit every plantation in Gatlinburg till we find them. And when we find them, you point them out, and I kill them. You do that, I agree to give you your freedom … twenty-five dollars per Brittle brother – that’s seventy-five dollars … and as if on cue here comes the Sheriff.

The three of them walk out of the saloon. Dr. Schultz shoots the Sheriff dead in the middle of the town. (00:17:40)


2. Lock In (End of Act One)

After killing the Brittle Brothers, Dr. Schultz feels he cannot let Django go by himself to find his wife, Broomhilda, in good conscience. Instead, he offers Django another agreement:

Dr. Schultz: We make some money this winter, when the snow melts, I’ll take you to Greenville myself, and we’ll find where they sent your wife. I’m pretty good at finding people. Is it a deal?

Django accepts. (00:49:05)


3. First Culmination (Midpoint)

After 5 hours of traveling, the caravan finally reach Candyland. (01:25:27)


4. Main Culmination (End of Act Two)

After finding out Django and Dr. Schultz true intentions of coming to Candyland, Calvin Candie is able to sell Broomhilda for top money, $12,000. As the three are about to part, Candie insists that Dr. Schultz shake his hand to complete the deal. Dr. Schultz, with his pride, cannot do so with him, but instead shoots Candie dead.

Dr. Schultz: (to Django) I’m sorry. I couldn’t resist.

Dr. Schultz is BLOWN APART by Bartholomew’s SAWED OFF SHOGUN. (02:11:01)


5. Third Act Twist

Rather than killing Django, he is given to The LeQuint Dickey Mining Company where he is to work for the rest of his days. However, during a break on the road, Django comes up with a scheme to set himself free by convincing The LeQuint men to go back to Candyland because there is a fortune for them. He gives them the Smitty Bacall handbill that Dr. Schultz told him to hand on to for good luck:


Roy holds it in his hand as he reads and Django talks.

Django: I ain’t no goddamn slave. Do I sound like a fuckin slave? I’m a bounty hunter. (02:24:57)