5 Plot Point Breakdown: Edge of Tomorrow (Live Die Repeat) (2014)

By Archie Arenas · January 3, 2015

Screenplay Genre: Action / Sci-Fi

Movie Time: 113 minutes


Major Cage meets with General Brigham. The General says he deploying Cage to the frontline.

Cage: General, I just inspired millions of people to join your army. And when the body bags come home, and they’re looking for someone to blame, how hard do you think it will be for me to convince people to blame you? I’d imagine the general would prefer to avoid that.

General Brigham: Are you blackmailing me, Major?

Cage: I would prefer not to be filming acts of heroism and valor on that beach tomorrow.

General Brigham: You won’t be.

Cage: I’m glad we could work this out. Now if you’ll excuse me General … Thank you.

General: Arrest this man.

Cage is shot with a taser gun unconscious, only to wake up at the Heathrow Operating Base. (00:06:13)

2. LOCK IN (End of Act One)

Trying to save Rita, a mimic kills Cage for the second time on the beach, only to wake up once again on a pile of bags, where he was just a day ago.

Cage: Sergeant Farrell! Sergeant Farrell!

Sergeant Farrell: Can I help you son?

Cage: My name is Major Bill Cage, I’m a U.S. Army Media Relations. I was at a bachelor party or poker game. You have an order in your left pocket that says I’m a deserter caught impersonating an officer but what it doesn’t say is that you’re name is Master Sergeant Farrell from Science Hill, Kentucky. And if you’ll just give me 30 seconds to explain how I know that, you might just save the lives of every soldier on this base.

It doesn’t matter his story. Cage is dragged and taken to his living quarters once again. (00:29:55)


As the troops begin to deploy, Cage leaves base on a motorcycle, finding a bar to drown his sorrows in. However, at the end of the day, he is still killed, only for the day to start again.

Dr. Carter reveals he found the location of the Omega in Germany.

Cage: No matter what we do, no matter how carefully we planned, we can’t get off that beach.

Cage feels defeat in the whole process. (00:54:07)

4. MAIN CULMINATION (End of Act Two)

Cage and Rita convince the General to give them the device Dr. Carter had made to locate the true location of the Omega.

Rita: What do we do now?

Cage: I don’t know. We never got this far.

As they leave the General’s building, they are chased down by the army. Cage sticks the device in his leg, revealing that the location of the Omega is in France, underneath the Louvre. But the army is able to stop and capture the two. (01:17:33)


After being caught, Rita finds Cage. She attempts to kill Cage in order to reset the day.

Rita: Sorry Cage.

Cage: No! Wait, wait! I’m out. They gave me blood. I lost the power. I feel it. I can’t reset the day anymore. (01:28:37) 

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