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It’s simple. Writing a screenplay, or screenwriting, is telling exciting stories about exciting people in an exciting form. And the essential elements of a good story well told are: 

1. The story is about somebody with whom we have some empathy.
2. This somebody wants something very badly.
3. This goal is difficult, but possible to do, get, or achieve. 
4. The story accomplishes maximum emotional impact and audience connection. 
5. And the story comes to a satisfactory ending, not necessarily a happy one.

(Character + Want) x Obstacles = Story

The root of writing a great story or screenwriting a film. 

In this section, not only will you become proficient in developing stories about interesting characters who are struggling to achieve unequivocal goals through the practical application of story scenarios and story questionnaires, but you will also explore the three major areas of story: location, population, and situation. You will learn to create original, believable worlds with a clearly defined populace and a well developed, plausible situation.