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Writer’s Block: The Big Fat Lie

By Michael Schilf · April 2, 2010

Big foot. Myth. Loch Ness. Lore. Writer’s Bock. Now that’s a whopper.

The infamous excuse is just the industry standard and universally accepted way of saying you’re a slacker. Honestly, I don’t believe in writer’s block. There is always something to say, always something to write, always something. The trick is to just write, every day if possible. Schedule a time and be disciplined.

For me, it’s the morning. I love the 5AM rooster call, a nice cup of Joe, and two uninterrupted hours before the house begins to stir. I sit down and open up my latest script and start hitting the keys. But if that infectious lazy bug (a.k.a. Writer’s Block) stings, I force myself to write something: an email to my mom, a personal anecdote describing my son’s mud pies, an observation about the political landscape on stem cells. Anything. And guess, what? Before I know it, I’m writing.

Nike says: “Just Do It.” I say, “Just Write.”