The Secret To Screenwriting Success

By Michael Schilf · May 26, 2010

If you want to lose weight, it’s no secret what you should do: eat right and exercise. Yet we want instant gratification: diet pills, liposuction, bariatric surgery. And sure, you might see an improvement, but staying at a healthy weight is a lifestyle: you live it, feel it, breathe it… every day!

I know people who get up at 4:30AM to hit the gym before work, because strength and fitness are priorities for them. These are people with kids and careers, and the “I don’t have time” is never an excuse. Screenwriting is no different. It may seem daunting to pound out 120 pages, but if you want to have success as a screenwriter, you make the time for it. Just write… everyday!

Imagine: If you wrote one script page a day, you’d have your first draft done in less than four months. So be honest with yourself. If you really want it, make a schedule and stick by it – even if that means getting up in the wee hours of the morning.