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Getting Stories from Ghosts

By K.P. Hooker · July 21, 2010

The heat wave in Los Angeles has made it difficult for me to focus as I write. Additionally, I've been reading 'Salem's Lot and I'm susceptible to the feeling of being watched. It's very uncomfortable and spooky in my house right now. Thankfully, next week I'm going to Toronto, but I'm staying in a cottage with a "friendly ghost". I'm not sure I could ever find a ghost not creepy (segue way) even in this story from The Moth I listened to where the ghost of an actor cajoles a living actor/writer/director into telling his story.

The story is less than 15 minutes long and very amusing, so I suggest you listen to it, but I'll tell you a bit about it right now.

Filmmaker Craig Chester (Adam & Steve) was at a turning point in his career when he visited a psychic who told him that the ghost of Montgomery Clift (From Here to Eternity) was trying to communicate with him. For some reason, Chester didn't take it that seriously. He moved to Los Angeles where a friend who happened to be psychic told him the same thing. This ghost gave him signs to show he was legit as well as hooking him up with meeting some old friends of his AND spending the night in the house where he died. To communicate a sense of urgency, Clift visited a relative of Chester's- he seems to be a bit pushy, if you as me. Obviously, Clift wants his story of being a homosexual in Hollywood in the 50s to be told by Chester, but according to IMDB, nothing is in the works. Perhaps Chester hasn't met Elizabeth Taylor yet the way Clift wants him to.

Listen here:

Just to be clear to any ghosts that might be reading this, I don't want to be visited by a ghost even if you have a really amusing story. And readers, I'll let you know if anything ghostly happens during my trip to Canada.