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10 Best Bitter Script Reader Videos for Screenwriters

By Ken Miyamoto · May 11, 2020

The Bitter Script Reader is an online personality alias for a person who has worked at an agency and production company as a script reader in Hollywood for over ten years. He has read for Oscar-winning production companies, as well as one of the “Big Five” agencies.

The BitterScriptReader Youtube Channel portrays the script reader — and now current writer’s assistant — through the guise of an angry and sometimes cynical puppet, offering real (and hilarious) screenwriting truth that all screenwriters should consider.

Script readers are assigned to write script coverage, which is the analysis of a screenplay by grading many elements like concept, story, characters, dialogue, pacing, and structure to marketability, castability, and overall worthiness of acquisition, based on the companies needs and wants.

These gradings are accompanied by a synopsis of the screenplay’s story, including all twists, turns, plot points, character arcs, and story arcs.

The script reader also provides detailed script notes that cover what works and what doesn’t work with the script — and why.

This is the life of a Hollywood script reader.

Here we feature the ten pieces of advice and insight from the Bitter Script Reader’s library of videos on the art, craft, and business of screenwriting.

1. The Truth About Flashbacks

2. When You Should and Shouldn’t Use Voiceover

3. Do You Need to Move to L.A. to Become a Writer?

4. Can Unknown Screenwriters Expect to Sell a Spec TV Pilot?

5. Script Readers Do NOT Use Guru Beat Sheets

6. Mistakes to Avoid When Submitting to Industry Insiders

7. Asking Someone to Read Your Screenplays

8. Differences Between Ideas, Concepts, and Stories

9. The Basics of Rewriting

10. Simple Explanation of the Three-Act Structure

For more: BitterScriptReader Youtube Channel

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