Top 10 Antiheroes

By August 13, 2012Top 10 Lists

3. D-Fens in Falling Down (1993)

It’s an unusually hot summers day in Los Angeles, and all Willaim “D-Fens” Foster wants to do is make it home for his daughter’s birthday party. On his way, he is overcharged by a convenience store owner, accosted by gang members, refused breakfast at a fast food place because he just missed the menu change-over and has his snow globe broken by a Neo-nazi. D-Fens is an ordinary working man that is one day pushed too damn far! He does what we all wish we could do when society gets to us: he gets even. He becomes a vigilante and becomes increasingly violent as his sanity starts “falling down.” We cannot commend what he does: he is a killer and violent vengeance is never OK. However, he is an incredibly easy character to sympathise with and that is what makes him an ideal anti-hero, because “there is a little D-Fens in all of us.” (“Layman’s Film” by Corey B.)

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