Bridesmaids (2011)

Screenplay Genre: Comedy

Movie Time: 125 Minutes


Annie’s (Kristin Wiig) life-long best friend Lillian (Maya Rudolph) reveals to her that she’s engaged and she wants Annie to be her Maid of Honor. (00:12:38)

LOCK IN (End of Act One)

At the upscale engagement party, penniless Annie has a microphone duel with wealthy scorned Maid of Honor Helen (Rose Byrne) and establishes a rivalry.  (00:28:02)


After a disappointing night at Ted’s house, Annie runs into Officer Rhodes at a convenience store. Without Lillian around to talk about all her issues, she opens up to Officer Nathan Rhodes (Chris O’Dowd) about all of her problems and a romance begins to blossom. (00:54:20)


Annie arrives at Helen’s bridal shower and realizes Helen stole her Parisian theme. After Annie gives Lillian a well thought out, hand selected, personal gift; Lillian upstages Annie and gives Lillian an expensive trip to Paris to be fitted for her wedding gown with one of the world’s top designers. Annie throws a tantrum and destroys the Bridal Shower and Lillian disinvites Annie from the wedding. (01:28:12)


Helen shows up and tells Annie that Lillian has gone missing. While searching for Lillian, Helen breaks down crying and reveals that she was jealous of Annie. Annie discovers that Helen is actually pretty nice once you get to know her, as Lillian had suggested. Together they locate Lillian. (01:48:14)


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