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WATCH: Tye Sheridan Talks “Joe” and Nicolas Cage’s “Cool Face”

By Meredith Alloway · April 11, 2014

Tye Sheridan, at only 17, has already worked with artists like Matt McConaughey on "Mud" and Terrence Malick on "The Tree of Life." Now, he stars as Gary, a young homeless boy who befriends an unlikely friend, Joe (Nicolas Cage). Gary's own father Wade (Gary Poulter) is abusive and an alcoholic. The more Joe notices Gary's in a dangerous position, the more he realizes he'll have to do something about it. David Gordon Green directs the southern drama. Tye chatted with ATW about playing such a challenging character and taught me Nicolas Cage's "cool face."

Produced & Edited by Meredith Alloway
Filmed by Tyler Crim