Top 10 Science Fiction Films

By March 29, 2012Top 10 Lists

No other genre in the spectrum of cinema is as dependent upon the imagination than Science Fiction. In a Universe as vast and awe inspiring as the one we happen – by chance or by design – to occupy, it is difficult sometimes to render all that splendor, horror, and infinite potential into 90 minutes, and manage also to appeal to as wide an array of different audience members as possible. This is why Science Fiction has, time and time again, tirelessly been broadening concepts, challenging audiences, and reaching deeper and deeper into space, time, and the unknown.

There is certainly much to gain from such a film experience, just as there is much at stake.

The following is a list of a few of my personal favorite Science Fiction films. I was hard pressed to put any of them ahead of the other (except for #1, but we'll get to that), but finally the order you find here is the one that felt right to me.

These ten films call into question the nature of human existence, both here on this planet, in and among the stars, and to one another. Some are terrifying. Some are hilarious. Some are awe-inspiring.

I hope you agree.