Top 10 Zombie Films

By April 10, 2012Top 10 Lists

As with every slightly cult-ish genre that I write on, I feel the need to outline what exactly it is I’m writing about to avoid an onslaught of geeky abuse and terror. When I say “zombies,” I’m talking about the undead or, rather, the dead that have come back to life. Unfortunately, this means that I cannot count some of my favourites on the list: REC (2007) and 28 Days Later (2002) as they are more to do with the spread of a virus, and the Evil Dead trilogy, which is more along the lines of demonic possession. I’m also ruling out vampire-like creatures, such as in I am Legend (2007) and doctor-aided resurrections, like in Re-Animator (1985) and, of course, Frankenstein (1931).

Zombie films have recently made their way back into the spotlight and have become a major player in popular culture. In cinema’s ongoing state of being a bit postmodern, this of course means that the newer films heavily play upon and reference the old. In the world’s ongoing state of capitalism, consumerism, fast paced developments in technology and so on, there’s something about zombie films that strikes a chord with people. This is perhaps due to the idea of being all of a sudden plunged into a world where just surviving is all that matters and the characters in these films are reduced to their primal states. Of course, no one really believes that a zombie apocalypse will ever happen, but it helps to have a baseball bat or a chainsaw close by…just in case…

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