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Top 10 Revenge Films

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10. Law Abiding Citizen (2009)

For me, one of the best features of Law Abiding Citizen is its pacing. It all kicks off within the first couple of minutes, and it doesn’t let up for the subsequent 106. You never feel overwhelmed by what is going on and you are never bored by it. If you’re the kind of person that tends to find themselves looking at their watch, go and rent this film. I’ve already sat my dad and brother down to watch it, and they almost immediately shared it with friends. And they normally HATE the films I make them watch, being a “film geek” and all that. I guess the word I am looking for is “accessible,” it can be enjoyed from everyone from us geeks to those nutters who “don’t have time” for films. It is about Clyde Shelton (Gerard Butler), your (seemingly) average Joe who decides to take on the US legal system after they fail to bring to justice the men who killed his wife and daughter. And I don’t mean he just writes an angry letter to the paper; the film features such brilliant lines as, “this is for your penis…but we’ll get to that later” as Shelton brandishes a boxcutter. It has a 25% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and I know everyone’s entitled to their own opinion…but what does this “everyone” know? It may not be the perfect film, but I think it’s a great story that is clever, well-executed and asks a lot of interesting questions.

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